Have you ever wanted to travel back in time?

Recently I’ve been thinking about how different I used to be– even just a year ago. My thoughts, my likes (and dislikes), my life goals. Although I have yet to invent actual time travel– I think I have found a way that I can take a peak at my past self.

I’m sure there are plenty of people who started a diary or blog of some sort when they were younger and have managed to write in it on a consistent basis. I however am the complete opposite. I find myself with a craving for a blog, start one–and it usually lasts about a month. A little while later and I do it again, except this time I’ve forgotten about my first one and start new.

At this point I’m sure there are multiple blogs floating around the great wide web with one of my (many) usernames attached to it.

I am going to attempt to join them all here. For anyone interested they will be categorized as Past Lives.


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