Christmas/New Years 99′

This photo was taken at my Aunt’s house (that’s her on the chair), during the Christmas holidays in what I’m pretty sure is 1999. I want to say that this is New Years but I’m not 100% sure. I’m the one holding Eeyore, my sister is on the far left and we’re pictured with our cousins Melissa and Andrew. I don’t specifically remember this moment, but I do remember how much fun we had out at my Aunt’s house. I also remember that my anxiety, and subsequent depression predates my teen years. I don’t think it was during this specific trip, but I do remember multiple occasions where we were out at my Aunt’s and my Dad suggested a trip to a nearby attraction–I remember one being a Magnetic Hill. I couldn’t tell you why exactly, but I know that I felt extremely nervous about going for some reason and made a huge deal about staying back. It’s hard for me to acknowledge that there were these good times, when all I remember from this time in my life was confusion and anger. I guess it does make understanding my anxiety as it is now a little easier, but remembering these hard times tend to only bring negative emotions.


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