Honestly though.

I wish I we could trade in our bodies for newer models. 

And I’m not even taking about weight or outward appearances at all.

I’m talking the stuff that can sometimes be hard to see.
Take for example, the following issues that have made my day oh so much fun. Chronic shoulder pain due to a torn rotator cuff. Severe tension headaches, that tend to travel up my head so fast- and some so bad I can’t move even my neck. Head cold with sore throat and stuffy nose- I catch colds very easily and they always stay longer than average-thanks to permanently swollen atanoids. 

Just to name a few of the perks of being me. The challenge of living with these issues has no doubt added to my anxiety and depression, but has also made me stronger for being able to fight through day-to-day life. 
Don’t get me wrong I wouldn’t change those things if it ment changing me–but maybe a day off every once an a while would be nice.


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