One Day At a Time

Going into this experience with anti-depressants, I only had negative personal experience to relate to.

Now that I’ve been taking the medication for just over four weeks I think I’ve come to fully recognize some of the side effects that I’ve experienced.

The most noteable is the dry mouth. I can drink a whole bottle of water and still feel parched. Which isn’t so bad–it means I remember to drink water more often.

The second side effect I’ve noticed is constipation. I’ve increased my fiber intake and managed to regulate again–but the first few days were not fun.

The final side effect I’ve experienced thus far is an increased sex drive which is definitely welcome, but uncommon. From everything I’ve read and been told a decrease is to be expected–at least in the beginning.

Side effects aside, I’ve continued to notice an increase in my ability to handle stress-inducing situations. I still have bad days where every little thing annoys me, but I’ve found that even on those days it doesn’t take as long to calm back down.

Obviously these are just my experiences and each person will have their own unique reactions to anti-depressants. I am just here to share my experience and take this road to self-acceptance one day at a time.


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