Put Life on Hold.

I get tension headaches, sometimes a little Tylenol and a self massage will kick it to the curb. Other times forces beyond my control line up and I am left with a massive tension headache that seams like it will never go away. 
Big rain/wind storm, plus mother nature’s monthly visit, and I’ve been left with a four day headache that shows no sign of going away. 

I don’t want to run to my doctor for everything, and I know for a chronic problem some lengthy headaches are to be expected but man it sucks.
It’s also triggered a bout of minor depression, I can’t read, write or even watch tv right now, focusing on anything for too long hurts really bad. So I’m a little out of sorts from losing my three biggest distractions. 

I spent the day slowly writing this out, just to let you know that I am ok, I haven’t fallen of the face of the earth, and I will be playing catch up with my blogs as soon as this clears.


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