What a Girl Wants

Is it weird that this movie is one of my all time favourites?

I remember watching this movie as a pre/young teen and wanting to be Amanda Bynes. Even though I love my dad, and wouldn’t want to have not had him around when I was growing up.

I kind of fell in love with the whole thing. From the England tourist scenes, to meeting the queen, falling in love with the super cute English guitar player, to the parents finally getting married, but the most heart-string-pulling moment was the father-daughter dance–in The States (you know the one).

I often get annoyed when someone tells me that a movie sucks. For a while, I couldn’t even pinpoint why. Until recently, when I realized that it was because in most cases a large portion- I’ll guesstimate between 40 and 60 percent– of why we like or dislike a movie isn’t because of bad acting or poor directing. That portion is governed by how much we connect to the movie.

If I am deathly afraid of the water, Jaws is more likely to get a lower ‘score’ from me, than someone who isn’t afraid.

The same can be said for rom-coms. My MIL, is very against parents splitting up and getting divorced, so a movie about separated families and one of both parents finding new love- will rate much lower for her than for me- a product of a ‘broken’ home.

We should remember this in all aspects of life. Nothing will ever appear the exact same to any two people. We all have walked different paths to get where we are and our views reflect our unique journeys.

A small meaningless rock to you, will bring back memories of rock collecting with my dad.

We will never truly know someone else. Why do we continue to act like we do?


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