Love Me Challenge: Day Nine

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I know what you’re thinking–childbirth is supposed to be the most painful natural experience. And while that is true, the overwhelming love and wonder that you feel is indescribable. Only another woman, who’s been through natural* (read: vaginal-with or without drugs) will understand. Even with an epidural, you feel a sense of pressure release from your body, that is replaced with immediate love, wonder, and admiration.

I remember the first wave of feelings being relief. He was finally out. The ten months (yes it is actually ten) that I was pregnant were the longest of my life. [Followed immediately by the shortest ten months.] Then I remember feeling the overwhelming love for my son, knowing in that moment that I wouldn’t change anything in my life-if given the chance, everything I’ve ever done brought me to that moment. Holding him on my chest, feeling his little heartbeat, and slow but steady breaths, were mesmerizing. I was in awe that my body nurtured this tiny little creature. I know that many people (doctors, nurses, family members, friends) all came and said hello, but those first twenty-four hours, I remember nothing but my little boy.

*I just want to clairify that I in no way mean that a cesarian section is unnatural as in wrong, just that it is a product of modern medicine that while greatly useful and necisarry in many cases, the mother doesn’t experience the same release of pressure. While not my first choice, if needed I would have a cesarian section.


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