What a Girl Wants

Is it weird that this movie is one of my all time favourites?

I remember watching this movie as a pre/young teen and wanting to be Amanda Bynes. Even though I love my dad, and wouldn’t want to have not had him around when I was growing up.

I kind of fell in love with the whole thing. From the England tourist scenes, to meeting the queen, falling in love with the super cute English guitar player, to the parents finally getting married, but the most heart-string-pulling moment was the father-daughter dance–in The States (you know the one).

I often get annoyed when someone tells me that a movie sucks. For a while, I couldn’t even pinpoint why. Until recently, when I realized that it was because in most cases a large portion- I’ll guesstimate between 40 and 60 percent– of why we like or dislike a movie isn’t because of bad acting or poor directing. That portion is governed by how much we connect to the movie.

If I am deathly afraid of the water, Jaws is more likely to get a lower ‘score’ from me, than someone who isn’t afraid.

The same can be said for rom-coms. My MIL, is very against parents splitting up and getting divorced, so a movie about separated families and one of both parents finding new love- will rate much lower for her than for me- a product of a ‘broken’ home.

We should remember this in all aspects of life. Nothing will ever appear the exact same to any two people. We all have walked different paths to get where we are and our views reflect our unique journeys.

A small meaningless rock to you, will bring back memories of rock collecting with my dad.

We will never truly know someone else. Why do we continue to act like we do?


Love Me Challenge: Day Six


A note to your future You

I guess the most important thing to say to my future self is to always remember that every challenge you faced in the past was one that you thought was going to break you, but you didn’t let it. Every time you fell down you thought you wouldn’t be able to get up, but you did. Every time someone made you feel worthless, you proved them wrong. Every time you made a mistake and thought it was the end of the world, you realised that it wasn’t. Every time you thought you were completely alone, someone stood by you. Every time you felt that there was no way out, you found one.

By reading this, you have proved yourself wrong. You have overcome the impossible obstacles that were in your way. Regardless of how long it has been since that ‘impossible obstacle’, you past it. There will be new challenges that may slow you down, make you feel like life is over, but you are proof, that nothing can stop you.

Love Me Challenge: Day Five


A note to your past You

Keep your chin up, nothing is as bad as it seems right now. You will be able to distance yourself from home. Spend more time with the people you do care about, you’ll never regret that. Better days are ahead. You’ll meet a little boy that steals your heart before he even takes his first breath. Once he is in your life everything will make sense, I promise.

Love Me Challenge: Day Four


A person who loves You

Chris. He has been my rock for almost six years now. I wouldn’t be where I am today without him. We’ve had our fair share of ups and downs, but that’s what life is about.

He has seen me at my best, and at my worst (labour is both beautiful and ugly at the same time)! He has caused some wounds, but from those I’ve been able to build a stronger exterior.

I love him more than anyone else (well, except our son) and I know he feels the same way. 


Love Me Challenge: Day Three


A word that describes You

I have always been emotional. So that would probably describe me best.

In both negative and positive ways.

Yes I can get over emotional about silly little things that lead to me blowing things out of proportion, but I also can connect emotionally with people (and animals) better than some.

I don’t think I would ever want to change that about me, maybe I’ll continue to work on toning down my freak outs from getting emotional, but being emotionally sensitive is a good thing for me.

Can’t Catch a Break.

Between dealing with the ups and downs of new medication, a sinus cold and a sick, cranky three year old I haven’t had much time for myself these past couple of weeks. I’ve got a lot of book reviews to catch up on and quite a few blogs written out in my head. Hopefully I will have the time to catch up this week, and maybe set a few blogs aside for future backup. 

One Day At a Time

Going into this experience with anti-depressants, I only had negative personal experience to relate to.

Now that I’ve been taking the medication for just over four weeks I think I’ve come to fully recognize some of the side effects that I’ve experienced.

The most noteable is the dry mouth. I can drink a whole bottle of water and still feel parched. Which isn’t so bad–it means I remember to drink water more often.

The second side effect I’ve noticed is constipation. I’ve increased my fiber intake and managed to regulate again–but the first few days were not fun.

The final side effect I’ve experienced thus far is an increased sex drive which is definitely welcome, but uncommon. From everything I’ve read and been told a decrease is to be expected–at least in the beginning.

Side effects aside, I’ve continued to notice an increase in my ability to handle stress-inducing situations. I still have bad days where every little thing annoys me, but I’ve found that even on those days it doesn’t take as long to calm back down.

Obviously these are just my experiences and each person will have their own unique reactions to anti-depressants. I am just here to share my experience and take this road to self-acceptance one day at a time.

Oh, Brother.

Alright. This may be a long one.

I’ll start where Family Secrets left off.

Obviously the first thing I do when I’m told of the rumor that I have a brother is look him up on Facebook. What did we do before the internet?

It wasn’t hard to find him, I knew his first and last name and that his cousin was friends with my cousin.

I started to creep his pictures–I needed to see if he was my brother, and somehow thought that I would just know if I saw the right picture. 

And then I saw the picture. And at that moment I knew, I knew that he was my brother.  


The resemblance is uncanny. This boy, whose photos I have just creeped on Facebook, who (at the time) may or may not have been my brother, looks quite like my cousin, Michael [see below].


I was so sure of our relation in that moment that I (internally) got quite angry when people would point out that a picture is not proof. 

I knew I couldn’t explain the feeling, so I kept my feelings in check and let my family and friends tell me that I shouldn’t ‘get my hopes up’.

Regardless, I messaged him. Nothing too weird, just a simple ‘Hey, this may seam weird, but I heard a rumour that Bruce Thompson (my dad) may be your dad too.’

He responded with ‘Yeah, I’ve heard that rumour, lol’.

From there we talked about the possibility of us being siblings, our feelings about it, and how to go about confirming it. Do you know how sketchy some DNA testing sites look? I never had a need for DNA testing so it was never something I’ve looked into before, but with a little research we set up an appointment for my dad and him to go in and get the test done.
We found out in October 2014 that we were officially siblings and I couldn’t have been happier. He’s a great guy, we’ve and our conversations have only gotten better. 

Although I only just got the chance to meet him this past July, and only got a couple of days to hang out (that’s a post for another day), I know that our relationship is only going to get better.