Broken Connections

Hold on to the night
Never let you go
Mouths move, words spoken
Lies told, promises broken
The past is gone
Lives gone with it
No tears to shed
Nothing changes
The fate we decide
Keep the connection
Stay alive
With words spoken
Joined forever
Yet not connected
It’s more than nothing
I’ll take what I can get
I messed up
I still want you
I love you

SKThompson, 2008



I sit, I cry,
Tears stream down my eyes.
I want, I wish,
To die like my fish.
I stand, I stare,
At my family waiting there.
I hope, I pray,
They have nothing to say
I kneel, I reach
The deadly reach
I stop, I wait,
Is this my fate?
I think, I smile,
I’ll stay for a while.

SKThompson, 2004


This is a dream that I did have
Thinking about my father
He’s the guy I have to thank
I wouldn’t be here
If I wasn’t his daughter

All these years go by so fast
I never stopped to say thank you
For giving me a life to live
A place to go
And a family that I will always know
For helping me along the way
How to get through
Every single day
For showing me how to survive
In the world we live in

SKThompson, 2003

Once Upon A Love

Don’t try to say you’re sorry
It won’t work this time
I’ve heard it all baby
This is where I draw the line
Because I’ve moved on
And learned that
You’re not worth waiting for
I’m tired of all the could be’s
I’m not living in the past anymore
We said we’d last forever
That the good times would never end
But baby this ain’t working

Is it too late to just be friends?

SKThompson, 2009

To You

When you see me, close your eyes
When you hear me, plug your ears
Everything we’ve been through
All the pain and the tears
The love and the laughter
The pride and the shame
None of this matters

To you, this was all a game

SKThompson, 2010


We huddle together
We turn and smile
You take a picture
It’ll last a long while
Many years later
No longer a child
The picture is happy,
crazy and wild
The future is uncertain
The present is mild
The past is hidden
Behind many a smile

SKThompson, 2004

Bring Life

Bring life,
Bring life to the tired souls
Occupy the minds of the youth
Train them to obey
Synchronize the changing  of the tide
Freeze the sun’s rays
Hide behind the shadows of the feeble
Stand up to the Great Lion
Bring life,
Now take it all away

SKThompson, 2008

A Little Piece of Myself.

I’ve been writing poetry on and off for over a decade. Some poems I think are childish, others I think are amazing. I’ve been told I am my harshest critic. I figured, since I’ve broken the silence about my mental disorders, I may as well share my poetry.

I’m thinking of starting with once a week for poems. Let’s say Sundays. They will be a mixture of old and new poems; all written by me.